Saturday, August 2, 2014

"I Will Show You How To Make

MILLIONS of Satoshi Daily For FREE 

How To Get +100,000 Satoshi (0.001 Bitcoin) For Free Now:

 You just have to join a free crypto coin site and you will get 5 free coins for joining and earn more referring others. These coins are worth about 19,000 Satoshi per coin! See how to get tons of these coins and trade them for Bitcoin instantly!
Follow The Steps Below To Get Started:
  • Sign up to this site: Latium (You will get 5 LAT Just For Joining),,,,,,,
    easy to follow steps for download client and   setup everything ;

    Follow all the steps in the sign up process and check your email to set your password for your new latium account.

    Now open your Latium wallet software and let it sync with the network (may take 10-20 minutes)

    Once you have your LAT in your wallet go to and signup. (It's free)

        Then go to "Balances" and go down to the (LAT) Latium listing and click         "Request Address" and send your Latium coins to that address using your Latium desktop wallet software.

  • Your transaction will need to get 10 confirmations before it will show up in your coin-swap account (about 10 - 15 minutes). Once it shows up then go to "Markets" and click on LAT/BTC, then scroll down to "Sell LAT", fill out & submit the sell order. 

  • Always Keep Sale Price of LAT minimum .0020000 BTC this iwll keep the Matket High, your anyway Free to choose the price for sailing of of you LAT

  • Once Your Coins Sell (Happens Fast), you can cash out the bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet instantly by going to "Balances" and click "withdraw" by your bitcoin balance. Then enter your bitcoin address and click submit. 

Note: You will need to click a link in your email after cashing out to have your withdraw sent to your bitcoin wallet instantly. 

How To Make MILLIONS of Satoshi Per Day:

You need to get referrals on Latium to make the millions of satoshi per day because you earn LAT from your referrals on 100 Levels! So if you can get just a few people in your first level, you can earn a ton of LAT from your downline once it fills the 100 referral levels. Follow some of the tips below to boost your referral building efforts...
First you should get your own copy of this splash page here (promote your splash page to get more referrals than the direct referral link)
  • BTCCircle - This is one of the best and most active Bitcoin paid to click sites. Just buy a PTC ad there and get 100% bitcoin user traffic going to your splash page!

  • You casn promote your link anyother websites or PTC sites to get more referals - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

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